Having a clean place to sleep requires a little more than stripping the bed and washing your sheets and comforter. Cleaning you mattress two – three times a year will eliminate odors and remove dust mites that could be preventing you from having a good night’s sleep. Always refer to your mattress’s manufacturer’s instructions prior to cleaning or using any chemicals on your mattress. 

Step One: Remove all the bedding. Wash and clean them as you normally would.

Step Two: Using a strainer, sprinkle baking soda over the entire mattress. The baking soda draws out the dirt and moisture which removes the odors.

Step Three: After an hour to an hour and a half make up the bed with a clean mattress protector, sheets, and blankets. The next time you change the sheets, vacuum the mattress.

If you mattress is over 8 – 9 years old it could be time to replace it. Look through our website to get an idea of the mattresses we carry and give us a call. Our mattress inventory changes often and we don’t always have the same item available.

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