Why does buying a mattress remain such a confusing and confounding experience?  Unfortunately, mattress manufacturers and retailers have a long standing policy of making it difficult, if not impossible, to compare mattresses from store to store or manufacturer to manufacturer.  For example, mattress manufacturers make the same mattress under different names (so each retailer has a “unique” model).  At AZ MATTRESS OUTLET we get overstock or cosmetic blemished models from every major retailer across the country and can show you side by side models from different retailers. Found a bed your in love with at a retailer but dont want to pay the outrageous sticker price? Call us, we will track down the exact model or the same bed with a different model name and transfer it to our location nearest you.  The mattress marketplace has become increasingly complex over the past 15 years. It used to be you had just one basic choice — an innersrping mattress. These days innersprings have not only become more complicated (as they have gained size, they’ve also gained a variety of different layers, pillow-top options, and spring variations), but there are also a variety of other beds now becoming increasingly popular.  These new options, offering newer technologies, include memory foam, air beds, and latex mattresses.  At any of our 6 valley locations you will find a variety of options in each of these types of beds.

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